Moo0 RightClicker Pro 1.38

Moo0 RightClicker Pro 1.38

Enhance Your Context Menu Intensively

Moo0 RightClicker Pro is a set of enhancements on the context menu (right click menu) of Windows Explorer. It adds many useful functonalities like duplicating current explorer window, open/move to/copy to bookmarked folders, hiding default context menus, and so forth.

Install this software and experience the possibilities that it can bring to you. Although you may need some time to get accustomed to it first, you will probably find your life far easier with these extra enhancements.

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Update (02/23):
  • Added Turkish support.
  • Added Dutch (Revision) support.
  • Added Slovak support.
  • Fixed many errors in the texts.
  • The visibility of the Hidden files are now synchronized with Windows Explorer setting.
  • It's now stronger agaist errors caused by Windows OS.
  • Improved its Individual Menu Customizer.
  • Resolved multiple other bugs.
  • Improved the Installer.
  • Added Chinese (Simplified) support to the installer.
  • Added Dutch support to the installer.
  • Added Turkish support to the installer.


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