Sales Order Organizer Pro 2.3

Sales Order Organizer Pro 2.3

Sales Orders Organizer Pro is a simple sales orders processing system for small businesses.

It's a perfect choice for businesses that provide products or services. This sales orders management solution is designed to help you with following activities in your business:
  • Easily manage and track your customer data
  • Organize your product inventories
  • Process sales orders, track quotes and shipments
  • Produce invoices, mailing labels, shipping lists, summary reports
  • Process and track payments
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Key software solution features:
  • process products and services
  • create open sale order and add products during the ordering period
  • add quickly ordered products from the product database
  • create unique billing items specific for the customer
  • analyze ordered products by product name, category, client, time period
  • print or email invoices and quotes
  • import contacts, products from other databases
  • track orders by customer, invoice number, date
  • Create invoices with shipping charges, discounts, tax
  • print packing lists, invoices, quotes, mailing labels
  • create data views for unpaid, overdue orders
  • unlimited number of customers, products, or sales orders
  • share data over the network
  • customize your sale order system with the Designer


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