Sweetscape 010 Editor 3.1.0

010 Editor 3.1.0
010 Editor v3.1.0

The Professional Text/Hex Editor with Binary Templates
010 Editor is a professional-grade text editor and hex editor designed to quickly and easily edit any file or drive on your computer. Combining an easy-to-use interface with a whole range of editing tools, 010 Editor is a valuable tool for anyone working with text or binary files.
  • View and edit any binary file on your hard drive (unlimited file size) and text files including Unicode files, C/C++ source code, etc.
  • Unique Binary Templates technology allows you to understand any binary file format.
  • Find and fix problems with hard drives, floppy drives, memory keys, flash drives, CD-ROMs, processes, etc.
  • Analyze and edit binary data with powerful tools including Find, Replace, Find in Files, Binary Comparisons, Checksum/Hash Algorithms, Histograms, etc.
  • Powerful scripting engine allows automation of many tasks (language is very similar to C).
  • Import and export your binary data in a number of different formats.
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  • Easy to use text editor / hex editor / binary editor with standard cut/copy/paste functions.
  • Parse and edit binary files easily with Binary Templates.
  • Powerful DynaBin Data Engine allows opening/copying/pasting huge binary files instantly (in most cases).
  • Use as a disk editor to edit hard drives, floppy drives, memory keys, flash drives, CD-ROMs, etc.
  • View and edit system processes.
  • Easily loads files over 4GB (if supported by the file system).
  • Unlimited Undo/Redo for all hex editing operations.
  • Workspace keeps track of all open, recent, and favorite files, and includes a file explorer.
  • Inspector allows data to be edited in many different formats.
  • Integrated expression Calculator using C syntax.
  • Write Scripts to automate many different tasks using over 140 different functions.
  • Bookmarks can be used to mark important bytes in a file.
  • Many powerful analysis and editing tools including Find, Replace, Checksums, Binary Comparisons, Histograms, Find in Files, etc. (see above)
  • Conversions between ASCII, EBCDIC, and Unicode.
  • Import or Export data in the following formats: Hex Text, C/C++ Code, Java Code, Intel Hex Format (8, 16, or 32 bit versions), Motorola S-Records (3 types), Base64, Uuencoding, RTF (export only), or HTML (export only).
  • Printing with full print preview, headers, footers, and margins.
  • Full documentation with tips.


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